Why Physicists Like Me Shouldn’t Make Covers…

The Cross-Referenced Bible Cover

A while back I announced that I was going to publish The Cross-Referenced Bible (Available here). This project is still in the works, but getting closer. I have found another treasure trove of cross-references in On the Historicity of Jesus by Richard Carrier. Whether you agree with his final conclusion or not, it’s a fabulous resource covering many ancient texts.

I designed the cover for it that you find in the previous post, and showed it to my friend, Josh Wright, who designed the Evidence Considered cover. He said that he would like to “move some of the text around”.

So the other day, I got him a couple of beers and went around to his place. It is so impressive to watch someone with real skills working, especially when the skills are so foreign to me. He opened the image I had sent, winced, and then started again, producing in short order a far better result, as you can see at the top of this post.

Meanwhile, a few of the beta-readers got some feedback to me. They generally enjoyed the functionality of it and how it takes advantage of the hyperlink capability of a Kindle. There are a couple of tweaks to the navigation that I think will be worth pursuing.

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