Making of an audiobook

I recently gave a talk (video here) and several people expressed an interest in an audiobook. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back as I had been interested in doing this before anyway since a few other people have requested it.

I logged onto acx and looked into the process. I needed to set up an audition, so I took a section from here and hit go.

Within a few hours there were a dozen auditions, all of which were of great quality. Within a few days, I had 40 auditions. After listening to each one carefully I made an offer to Will M Matt who accepted.

My long-suffering friend, Josh Wright, adjusted the cover for me for the cost of, and while drinking, a couple of beers together.

So now this project has been kicked off. Hopefully, many of you will buy it, so I can recoup some of the cost! Other ways to help: write a review, buy another copy (the paperback is a great conversation starter when lying around on the coffee table), or buy your first copy (see the video below from my recent talk in which I shamelessly explain why you should).